King Dedede
De de de
Personal info
Species: Possibly penguin
Description: Big blue penguin with tan robes, red and yellow waistband, red king's robes, red and yellow hat with white pom pom
Vehicle: Hot-air balloon, HR-D3
Home: Castle Dedede in Dream Land
Friends: Bandanna Dee, Kirby (More like rivalry)
Attack1: Hammer
Attack2: Inhale
Roleplayer: {{{None}}}
King Dedede is the king of Dream Land. He is a big, penguin like creature in king clothes. He has a big hammer, and is ALWAYS causing trouble for Kirby. His servants make up of Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos. His higher-ranked servants are General Waddle Doo and Bandanna Dee.


Gallery:King Dedede

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