Dark Matter
Personal info
Species: Dark Matter
Description: Black blob with orange blobs around it
Vehicle: None
Home: Hyper Zone, Dark Star
Friends: Zero
Attack1: Thunderbolt
Attack2: Orb Attack
Roleplayer: None
Dark Matter is a evil form of darkness. It first attacked Dream Land by stealing the Rainbow Bridges and taking control of King Dedede and his army. Kirby gathered all the Rainbow drops and formed the Rainbow Sword, which he defeated Dark Matter with. Dark Matter returned, though. Dark Matter has resided in the Hyper Zone for all this time. They come back and once again take control of Dedede and his army. Kirby goes around Dream Land collecting Heart Stars to try to defeat the evil being. When Kirby collects all the Heart Stars, they form a weapon called the Love-love Stick. Kirby goes to the Hyper Zone and fights Dark Matter. Kirby beats the Dark Matter, and comes face to face with the real mastermind behind Dark Matter's plans, Zero. Kirby defeats Zero and the Hyper Zone explodes. But Dark Matter was not finished just yet. Dark Matter takes over Ripple Star. They take control of Adeleine, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee. Kirby and friends reform the Power Crystal that Dark Matter broke apart. Kirby and friends destroy the Dark Matter, but then their is a Dark Star where Zero2 is. Kirby flies their and defeats Zero2, destroying Dark Matter forever.