Castle Dedede
Main info
Location: Many locations, this one is in Dream Land
Inhabitants: King Dedede Waddle Dees Waddle Doos Bandanna Dee General Waddle Doo
Size: Large
Special Notes
Notes: None
Castle Dedede is a huge castle where King Dedede and his servants live. Dedede has multiple castles, but this castle is the on a hill.

Characters who can rp hereEdit

Notable Places of Kind Dedede's buildingsEdit

  • Castle Dedede-The one that this roleplay is about, on a hill overlooking the town.
  • Mt. Dedede-King Dedede's biggest castle which is on a mountain.
  • Dedede Resort-An island resort in Float Islands. It appears small at first, but when you leap onto it, you are sucked into an amazing place
  • Iceberg Castle-a castle on an Iceberg



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